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General Information

Maxfield Bakery & Pastries Limited began its operations over twenty (30) years ago, March 3, 1983. Herma Perkins is the Chairman of the Board and the the managing director, Tarik Perkins is a director and the company secretary and Ms. Dionne Biggs is the general manager.

Mission Statement

The mission of Maxfield Bakery & Pastries Limited is to provide the consumer with safe, attractive appetizing and nutritious, baked products at reasonable prices.

The company seeks also, to provide a safe, pleasant and secure working environment for its employees.

As a corporate citizen, Maxfield Bakery aims to promote, national development through its involvement in community welfare and its thrust to participate in the national budget as a foreign exchange earner.


In carrying out its mission, Maxfield Bakery, since its inception has always risen to the challenges of the nation. For example, after Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, which was also followed by the temporary closure of the Jamaica Flour Mills, as a result of the collapse of its silos, Maxfield Bakery met the challenge by providing a "Gilbert Bread". The Gilbert Bread was a small loaf which utilized Cornmeal in addition, to flour thereby cutting down on the amount of flour needed per loaf.

The Company responded to the country's need for foreign currency in 1989 by promoting the sale of its Easter Buns overseas.

Now with the Globalisation of the Economy and the development of the Internet for world trade, Mafield Bakery is moving into the scene with the launch of it's website.

-Maxfield Bakery & Pastries Ltd.

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